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Newspaper and Online News: A Brief Insight

Newspaper and Online News: A Brief Insight

Today media is a profitable industry and the biggest product which it sells is News. No matter in which country of the world you live, News is something which you find very important in your life. Traditionally people use to read news through newspapers and this trend continues till today.

However with the passage of time and with the advancement of technology now we have many other mediums of news as well such as television and internet etc. In this short discourse we will briefly learn about Traditional newspapers and online or epapers.

Newspaper and its advantages

There is no need of any kind of explanation with regards to what a newspaper actually is? We all have complete knowledge about newspapers as this is something which is the part and parcel of our everyday life.

Newspaper reading is considered a good habit as this creates a sense of educational value in your mind. A Normal newspaper is a mix blend of business news, political news, sports news, commerce news and entertainment news etc hence reading newspaper is something which drastically enhances your knowledge and helps you in being updated with time.

Some worth mentioning advantages of reading newspaper are as follows:

  • The news of the entire world is there in a Newspaper
  • Newspaper is a great source of general knowledge and valuable information
  • Through newspaper you get to know about your country’s current standing in the world with regards to economy, sports and entertainment etc

Online News

Online News basically is simply an online edition of the news which you read in your newspaper. The new generation in particular which is growing in a tech savy environment are the ones which spend most of their time in online news. There are several mediums on the internet through which you can actually read online news.

There print newspaper companies nowadays have their websites through which you can read their online newspapers, to make a website Online news, we should read 5 Helpful Ways To Learn Web Designing. The online newspapers are commonly referred to as E-papers. Similarly these websites keep getting updated constantly and as the day passes you get constant updates with regards to the city or country which you are living in.

The majority of these newspaper sites have their integration with social media forums as well. So if you like or follow these newspapers on Facebook and Twitter then this means that your smart phone or computer will constantly show you popups, clicking which will expose you to real time news.

To some up some Key advantages of Online News are as follows

  • The online news is much faster than regular print papers. In online news sites or epapers you get real time news within no time. You do not need to wait till next morning to get the news update.
  • The epapers are free of cost, simply log on the website and read.
  • The online news have no limits, you can read the epaper of any country you want and get updated with regardless to latest happenings of the world
  • One important factor that makes the epapers growing so quickly is Prestashop seo optimization capacity, the SEO (Search engine optimization) factor can only be used in the online papers, it can’t be applied on traditional news papers. So we can say epaper is future of news sources

Key Difference

Now let’s look into some of the major differences between Regular newspapers and epaper. We have discussed the differences in the headings below

News page on tablet, mobile phone and newspaper on desk

1.      Communication and opinion polls

The issue with print newspapers is that these papers do not provide you with the facility to take part in any kind of opinion polls. You do not have immediate interactions in these papers. As opposed to this in an epaper with a mere click you can give your opinion polls with ease. You can also make important comments as well.

2.      Reading habit

The majority of younger generation particularly the one which is growing up with smart phones and social media etc does not find print newspaper attractive. This generation prefers online reading. However the older generation is still very much comfortable with printed newspapers. Social login is a good idea for making customers easier to connect to your online website such as Prestashop, WordPress or any other CMS platform.

3.      Space

The normal printed newspaper has a limited space and they can provide you news only in the 10-12 pages which they have. On the other hand no such limitation exists in online news. The online news keeps getting updated with no issue pertaining to space.

4.      Convenience

Nowadays we have things like 3G and 4G available which means that you can open the epaper whenever you want through your smartphone. With regards to printed newspaper, it becomes very inconvenient to carry it everywhere.


Despite of the mentioned differences, it seems that though the concept of epaper will prosper in the coming days however still printed newspapers will have their own unique Importance.