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By | December 15, 2017

Technology is something is continuously getting better with time, more things are constantly introduced that promise to make our lives better in some way or the other. The internet is one of the greatest achievements of modern science, it is a service that is used by millions of people every day and it keeps on getting better and better. The internet is full of amazing websites but these websites have gone through many changes over the years. This is because web design trends have changed a lot of times over the years and this year is no stranger.

What’s Changed?

Web design has changed a great deal, some aspects of its change are good whereas others are questionable. No matter if you like these changes in trends or not, we have to start to live with them. Below you will find some of the most drastic changes that web design has seen in 2017.

1.      Traditional Web Design

The idea of traditional web design is quickly fading away, this is because the whole idea of web design is changing quickly. In the beginning web design mostly focused on the aesthetics and looks of the website.

You can use traditional Web design to build an Online news to share information or show a new idea.

This idea has changed because web designers today also need to focus on the functionality of the website along with the looks. Providing a good user experience is one of the biggest concerns of the web designer today.

2.      Chat UI

Online conversation and chatting has become more common today than it was ever before. Therefore, as of this year it has become very important for the web designers to focus on chat UIs. This means that the websites today must give the user to chat to the representative so that communication is easier. This idea is seen on many messaging services like:

  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • Freelancer
  • WeChat

Besides Chat UI, The websites should also use email marketing services such as Mailchimp for Prestashop (if the website is based on Prestashop e-commerce) or sending blue, etc. This is great ways to communicate with customers automatically. You can also integrate your website with Mailchimp automatically if you install the Presta Mailchimp module

3.      Animations

Graphics and animations have become an integral part of every website nowadays. Without some decent graphics, websites just look too dry and the user does not like it at all. However, when you are using graphics, animations or GIFS just make sure that you do not overuse them. Too much animations will make your website look congested which is not at all recommended. Some of the best GIF creation tools are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Giphy
  • it

4.      Responsive Design

As mentioned earlier, user experience is high on the priority list for any web designer. Responsive web design trends keep on changing every year and the next generation of responsive design is quickly becoming mainstream. If you want your website to run properly on every device then the best way to go is to use CSS media queries.

To make a friendly responsive web design, you should research 5 helpful ways to learn Web designing.

Search engine rankings are most important for a website, Google changed its algorithm in 2016 which prioritizes websites which are optimized properly. This means that a responsive design will help increase your rank on the search engine.

5.      Minimalism

There was a time when websites needed to be very deep and detailed in order to give the user that they want. However, this trend has almost become obsolete in 2017 as users tend to get attracted to minimalist websites. So, if you visit websites like Netflix then you will notice that you are not greeted with a homepage, instead you are given many different cards which take you wherever you want to go. These cards can easily visually suggest topics and the user can easily go where he wants to. People just want:

  • Simplistic websites
  • Visually explanatory web designs
  • And, less congested pages

6.      Analytics

Analytics are helpful in many ways, if you are running your own website then with the help of analytics you can see that in which part of the world you have the most users and where the least. Apart from just this information, giants like Google Analytics give you a lot valuable information. The best part of all of this is that everything is visual.

7.      Custom Photos

If you start to navigate any website right now, then you will notice that many website tend to use customer photos that represent their company or product. There was a time when many websites used general and stock photos on their websites. This trend is ending and users are tired of seeing the same photos everywhere. This is why according to the new trend, web designers use more authentic photographs. Apart from just authentic images, cartoons, illustrations and comics are also used in many places. If your website is based on Prestashop e-commerce, you can install  Presrtashop Instagram module to feed your photos on Instagram to your website automatically. You website will be more attractive to your customers with the Instagram photos displayed, they can also follow your Instagram by clicking on the “follow us” link provided by the module.

8.      Material Design Matters

Material design is something that was first introduced in the year 2015 by Google. It is a design style that is most noticeable in Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and Google Maps. According to this design style, the website creates a hierarchy of importance on the page. What this does is that it provides the user what he wants and aside from that it also urges the user to focus on other things by drawing their attention. Material design generally uses visuals and realism to give the user the best every user experience.

9.      Long Scrolling

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have really made long scrolling mainstream. Long scrolling website give the illusion that they are bottomless. This gets the user really immersed in the website, they just go on scrolling for hours without even noticing.

10.  Typography

Typography has become very big and it is continuing to grow at a very fast pace. Typography helps to break the grids on the website, this really helps especially when a website has long scrolling pages.


These were somethings that you should know about the popular web design trends in 2017. If you want to keep up with the world, then you really need to make sure that your website is in accordance with the modern web design trends. Web design trends are essentially the things that the users want to see on the website and you need to give what your user wants. The internet is one of the used services in the world and that is why it is the best place for almost everything. So, it is important for you to keep up with the trends.


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