Web design

Quick And Easy Web Design Guide

The internet is filled with many different websites, some of these websites are better than the others while some are not that great. The quality of the website mainly depends on its design,  the web design should match Popular Web Design Trends This Year, this is because the design of the website makes a website responsive and usable. If the design of the site is not built properly then there is a high chance that the website will not be as good as the competition. Learning to web design is not a difficult task, all it requires is some motivation and hard work.

How To Start?

If you want to learn to start designing some amazing websites, then you should make the first step and follow the rest of the simple steps. The steps that you need to follow are mentioned below.

1.     The First Phase

  • Understand Its Meaning

When people hear the word “design” then they often think about poster designing or book designing which are a collection of illustrations. Web design is very different from these things, web design is more about giving the user what they want. Anything that makes a website better and more usable is a part of web design. So, in other words web design is nothing but the effort behind a functioning and well thought website.

  • Aims Of Web Design

Just like any other discipline, web design also has its aims and goals. A good web design provides the user what he needs and does so in a quick and seamless manner. Following are some of the goals that a good web design aims to fulfil.

  • Encourage human activity with the web page and understand what the user wants. A good web design facilitates the user in every way possible.
  • A well though web design studies every individual user and adapts to their searches and content. This means that the website learns what the user is interested in overtime and only shows them what they want to see.
  • The website continuously keeps track of the user’s likes and dislikes and updates itself according to the user. It changes gradually as the taste of the user changes.
  • Possible Resources

Now it is time to move on to learning stage of web design. The best sources to learn web design are books and videos, there are also a number of great websites that you can visit and learn a lot about web design. Keep an eye on the following tips when you are still in the learning phase of web design.

  • Bookmark all the videos that you think are the most useful because you will have to revisit those videos even after you have finished learning.
  • If you want the best learning experience then you should consider paying and going to a proper web designer. This is probably the best way to learn web design.
  • You should also devise a manageable time table so that you can give everything the proper amount of time every day.
  • Web Design Software

Although you can start working on web design with Notepad, it is always a better idea to download a proper program like Microsoft Expression, Adobe Dreamweaver, KompoZer or more. If you download these programs then you will be given a better web design environment and you will start enjoying even more.

2.     The Second Phase

  • HTML

When you are starting with web design then HTML is a must. HTML is something that is a must requirement for a web designer because many of the things that you will do as a web designer will revolve around HTML. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that is why you should start with that. You can even try to learn XHTML just to add something in your skill tree.

  • CSS

While HTML is important to give your website a skeleton, it is CSS that gives the web page its looks. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and without it you would not be seeing all the beautiful websites that you see every day.  However, CSS does have its problems, for starters it is very strict and punishes the designer for even the slightest of errors. For example, if you forgot to place a semicolon at the end fo the line then CSS will give you a very hard time as it would be hard to track.

  • JavaScript And jQuery

JavaScript or jQuery are not an absolute essential for web design, however it is good to have it among your skills. However, if you want to make a website that is intuitive and interactive then you will have to learn JavaScript and jQuery. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are only going to use jQuery then you will only need to learn the basics of JavaScript. jQuery really makes things a lot simpler for developers and designers.

  • More Languages

When you talk about web design languages, then you will learn that there is no shortage of language in this field. Most of these languages do something specific for a website. Some of the most popular languages that you should know about are MySQL, PHP, Ruby and Perl.

3.     The Final Phase

  • Apply What You Learned

The final phase is where you start to get a return on the time that you invested on learning web designing. You should start with experiments, you should just test your skills and polish them by creating some test websites from scratch.

  • Look For Jobs

You can even start creating websites and earn money. The best way to go is to first ask your close friends whether they want a website or know someone who does. You can even go online and register yourself as a freelancer and look for work online.


These were some of the most basic steps that you need to follow if you want to become an accomplished web designer. Web designing is a fun job but it can become very difficult if you do not learn it properly. When you are learning to web design then always remember to take your time.